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2016 is the year in which we have launched our brand new table lighting collection. Our MOMENTS® collection is made of stainless steel and brushed anodized aluminum. The collection provides a gentle elegance to any interior and ambiance and is available in four earthly colors: yellow gold (highest on picture), rosé gold, bronze and lava (lowest on picture). 
The collection is characterized with 2 new functions: the color lock and the battery indicator. Both are created especially for the hospitality sector. The color lock function disables the pushbuttons at the bottom of the lamp to prevent restaurant guests to change the colors themselves. The battery indicator shows the remaining battery power to help you plan your charging times. For extra information and orders check out our website ( or contact us via  

Behind the scenes at our MOMENTS photoshoot, picture by LENZER


In 2016 we've doubled up the battery power of our DJOBIE® table lighting collections. The 1200 mAh has changed to a 2400 mAh battery, resulting in double light hours. One full recharge of 8 hours now gives you 18 hours of light in the highest intensity warm white. The new battery gives you up to 64 hours of light in other colors and intensities.

After taking a survey among restaurant, hotel and bar owners we could result it was highly requested implementing the color lock function, that was first launched within our MOMENTS® collection, in all our table lamps. From now on our DJOBIE® (left) and our TEBUR® lamps (right) are accompanied with a color lock remote control.  



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We want to thank all of our customers, distributors and partners for a wonderful year at IMAGILIGHTS®. For 2017 we have many new innovative plans for expanding our catalogue and perfectionizing charging solutions within our table lamps. Make sure to follow us on social media to keep you updated about our realisations and changes.

Of course in 2017 we are again attending several fairs throughout Europe. Write these in your agenda and come visit us:


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