IMAGILIGHTS hereby notifies that it has won its court case related to its collection: “MOMENTS”.
We can now inform you that the Brussels’ court of appeal has, just as the Brussels’ commercial court did earlier, ruled in favor of IMAGILIGHTS. The court of appeal decided that the copied collection infringes upon IMAGILIGHTS’ copyright protection existing with regard to the “Moments” collection. Further, the infringing party’s community design registrations were declared void for the entire EU. This decision is immediately enforceable.
We considered it important to inform you about these most recent evolutions in order to allow you to evaluate if you should pursue the further marketing and distribution of copies of the IMAGILIGHTS “Moments” collection. Whoever markets copies of the “Moments” collection within Belgium or directed towards Belgium, also infringes upon the intellectual property rights of IMAGILIGHTS. We are convinced that the same applies outside of Belgium and will also commence legal actions in other jurisdictions in order to have the decision of the Brussels’ court of appeal confirmed there as well. You will certainly understand that we wish to protect our investments in innovative products and that we will act against companies that, in disregard of prior warning, continue to offer copied versions of our “Moments” collection.
We hereby invite you to inform us if you are (or were) involved in importing, marketing and/or selling copies of our “Moments” collection and to provide to us, in the affirmative, documented data establishing the number of infringing products imported, sold or presently still in stock. Should you desire additional information or if you want to consult the decisions referenced above, then please contact us.
Via this letter, we have tried to inform and warn you as objectively as possible.
Kind regards

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please be aware that buying from IMAGILIGHTS® means that you and your customers benefit from a choice for innovative and exclusive products. IMAGILIGHTS® therefore highly values and enforces its intellectual property rights, which include copyrights and registered design rights in jurisdictions worldwide (EU, US, UK, APAC, People’s Republic of China, etc.). IMAGILIGHTS® will not hesitate to take appropriate legal action against any reseller or distributor that violates these intellectual property rights. In such case legal costs and costs for destruction of counterfeit goods will be at the charge of the infringing party.
Please find below picture of the “Moments” Collection.

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