November, 2019

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Imagilights® was present at the following fairs:

  • Lobsterfish in Deerlijk - Belgium 23 and 24 September
  • Chef 19 in Kortrijk - Belgium 7 and 8 October
  • Host in Milan - Italy from 18 till 22 October
  • Horeca Expo in Ghent - Belgium from 17 till 21 November

LOBSTERFISH Deerlijk - Belgium

CHEF 19 Kortrijk - Belgium

HOST Milan - Italy

HORECA EXPO Ghent - Belgium


On Monday, November 25, Kelly (myself) joined the team of Imagligths. As new member I fill in the position of marketing and communication assistant. You can contact me at for all marketing and communication related questions. 


Lots of visitors at the fairs already saw a sneak peak of our brand new collection:


Cru and Demoiselle are 2 new table light collections, each transformable into 2 lamps with the ability for professionals within the hospitality to recharge only once a week.

In the first picture you can see our new table light collection Cru or more specific Petit-Cru with one lamphead. There is also another version: Grand-Cru with two lampheads as you can see in the second picture. 

The third picture presents our new model Demoiselle. This lamp is Demoiselle Tall, the smaller version is named: Demoiselle Small. Both versions are also illustrated in the second picture. 

James is an illuminated multifunctional wireless table that can be transformed into a coffee table, a standard table and a cocktail table. It is sold as one set.